The CBA ex player face his second season in the NCAA with the Minnesota University

There are decisions that change the course of our lives`; in the long term, we notice the decisions were right. And if they are accompanied with a lot of effort, sacrifice, and with the mind focus in one aim, the result will bloom quickly. This is the story of Gaston Diedhiou, current player of the Minnesota University, under the command of Richard Pitino.


He was born in Senegal, but when he was U16 he played in a tournament on the Canary Island of Lanzarote. From there he made the leap to the Spanish capital, in the ranks of the Torrejón, where he stayed until he finished his junior period. Next, he played in Andorra, being a neighboring country prior to stopping at the CBA, where he stayed during two seasons.

An opportunity to sign up for the Academy through a sport grant of the “CBA Social” program, he received some news that affected him deeply: his father`s death. “He always insisted that I have to study”, the Senegalese remember, who accepted Rob Orellana’s offer (Rob behaved like a father to me, demanding in sports, but also compensating), due to the offer being ideal for future aspirations: improving his basketball skills and achieving university studies through the NCAA market.

Passing through the Canarias Basketball Academy allowed him to cross the puddle and arrive to The United States, where he faced his second year at the Minnesota University. Studying International Business, while he developed his game at the Division 1 in the NCAA.

“The CBA helped me to be ready for the NCAA, especially in physical aspects, which is the principal difference between Spanish and American basketball” Diedhiou explain. “The biggest difference of competition at the NCAA is that you have to combine it with your studies; something that was difficult for me at the beginning because of the language barrier”.

However, he passed all the subjects of his first year at the university, which made him feel calm and confident to face his second year. Which is when his ambitions increased: “I love the team we have; I think we are going to do a lot better and I will play more minutes”. “I want to continue in Minnesota and enjoying the three years I’ve got left”, he said.  He also explained, “My dream is finishing my degree and becoming a professional basketball player, either in Spain or in Europe”.

Lastly, Gaston gave the CBA players advice “keep working, because although they are talented, nothing is going to be easy”. What NCAA teams need is someone who works hard and does not give up; I think the CBA helps you to reach your goals and that good universities could see you. Although it is hard to be far of your family, in the CBA you can make a lot of friends, you can improve a lot and achieve your goals”, the #41 of the Gophers finished.