“It was hard to have to say goodbye to family and friends, I will never forget the farewell at the airport and the tears of my friends and family… but coming here was the best option, the ease they give the player so that he can improve is what really makes it unique to the Canarias Basketball Academy.I have always been attracted to the possibility of going to the United States in the future and this is the best trampoline, they prepare you for it”.

Gael Bonilla is 13 years old the youngest boy in the residence of the Canarias Basketball Academy and in his country, Mexico, is recognized as one of the most promising players in the country. “He has a knack for playing basketball and a wide margin of improvement that attracts us a lot. He has an amazing and improper ability to score, he is an exterior of 1.92 meters with many resources on offense and he is also endowed with great physical qualities. He is a very good basketball prospect, we are very happy to have him with us”, defines the director of the CBA.

This season, his first in Spain, Gael is alternating with the U14 and U16 teams of the Canarias Basketball Academy. He is calm, humble, honest and above all very ambitious, and is enjoying his first month in Las Palmas, getting gradually used to the demanding evening training and quickly engaging in academic subjects, where he is achieving great results.

His future with basketball points to brilliant, for it works every day… always learning to grow in the face of adversity.

“At 6 they told me it was not good for basketball”.

Gael’s early pages with basketball began to be written when he was 6 years old. He has always had a close relationship with his brother, three years his senior, and decided to join a Mexican club with the desire to spend more time with his brother and enjoy this sport, which previously practiced amateur his father. The beginnings for the little Bonilla were not too simple, since at the age of six he received a message that changed his way of facing life. “You’re not good enough for this”, a coach told him. Far from falling apart for that, he received the warning as a challenge he has never forgotten to date.

He has never stopped playing, enjoys when he does and has always had in Carmelo Anthony his particular player to follow. The Mexican always tries to emulate the characteristics of the star of the New York Knicks. The father decided to create a basketball club so the two brothers could enjoy Of the sport that they liked so much. “I thought that my father would train us and now, but he created a basketball club out of nowhere.It was incredible. At first there were only three in the team: my brother, my cousin and I. Now the club is still alive, there are many children Enjoying this sport”, explains Gael himself with a smile from ear to ear.

Step by step and little by little, as the great things happen in life, Gael was catching the attention of people. In Mexico they know who he is, he has a talent that makes him one of the players to take more into account of the country… but he keeps his feet on the ground: “I have a lot still, I have to take the place where I am to Work very hard and achieve my purposes. Here, they will help me to go through my dreams”. Who was going to tell his mother, who hoped to have a football goalkeeper in his young son, because of that privileged height and to be the grandson of Carlos Silva himself.

“It is precisely that humility that makes the boy special”, says Rob. Gael arrived at the Canarias Basketball Academy through a known coach of the director of the CBA, this one insisted much on the talent of the Mexican and after a summer of much work to obtain all the requirements finally landed to Las Palmas of Gran Canaria. “The goal with him is to help him grow, to be comfortable… he can become very good as long as he never stops working”, concludes Orellana.

In Tafira, Gael Bonilla coexists with José Lizárraga, Diego Willis, Toño Álvarez, Jorge Galindo and Simón Saleh. Five Mexicans crossed the Atlantic to live here an experience that will change their lives.