The cornerstone of the Canarias Basketball Academy is our full-time program, which runs from September to June. Additionally, post-graduate or home schooled athletes have the option of having tailored programs to fit their schedule.

A detailed and systematic approach to the technical, tactical, physical and mental elements of training enables CBA to produce skilled, motivated, athletic players who thrive in the competitive arena. The full-time CBA program is the most unique basketball training experience available in the world, allowing each individual an opportunity to maximize his or her athletic ability. While the main focus is individual skill development, customized to the finest detail for each player, CBA recognizes that individual player development cannot exist separate from the team environment. Therefore, in order to allow our players to practice, play and improve at their position within a team environment, CBA fields teams to play an independent schedule against top quality teams from around the world. The competitive schedule will include games and tournaments and will vary depending on the ability level of the individuals and their teams.

CBA delivers a demanding program designed to produce the most skilled and fine-tuned players in the world. The full time program allows each player to fully utilize each aspect of CBA as well as create an environment where long-term goals can be set and accomplished through an intense training program.

On The Court

On-court instruction at CBA is detailed and precise, designed to perfect each players individual skills. Our staff will identify individual weaknesses, then develop strategies and implement programs designed to eliminate them. At the same time, they will continue to encourage and push students to improve upon strengths. The daily court workouts are intense, focused and efficient. Fundamentals remain the basis for instruction. However, since no two players are exactly alike, CBA evaluates and develops specific programs for each individual to maximize his or her abilities.

CBA teaches each player how and when to best utilize these skills in a game setting. There is more to an effective court workout than putting up jumpers or handling the basketball. Our comprehensive approach enables players to understand how these skills fit into the complete game, thereby achieving a full understanding of the game from a team perspective.

Performance Strength and Conditioning

Our off-court training is basketball specific and focuses on improving areas that will directly enhance each student- athletes on-court performance. CBA works to build players in a very specific and detailed way. It´s not just a matter of lifting weights and running. We analyze each aspect of a player&’39;s game (e.g., on-court movement) and then implement programs to enhance this aspect of his/her game. Heavy emphasis is placed on developing core strength, balance, and flexibility to create more explosive, agile and controlled players. Speed, quickness, strength and endurance are all key elements to improved performance on-court.

CBA coaches will attack these elements on an individual basis and elevate ability levels as a result.

CBA understands that strength training can only go so far without proper nutrition. Players will not simply learn what to eat; they will gain an understanding of the effect of nutrition on their performance in all areas. At CBA, we teach the importance of “living like a pro”. Nutritional knowledge is a key element of this mission statement.