The Balearic Islands are well represented in the 2017 edition of the Canarias Basketball Academy Summer Campus, but what is most striking about this quintet is that it not only comes from the same island but also from the same club: the CB La Salle, one of the most important in Palma.



Pep Lluís Llabrés, Jaume Pizá, Raúl Herrera and the brothers Núria and Javier González are repeaters of this event, which engages them to “come to work, not to enjoy with leisure activities”. And is that the five are clear that they want to “improve”, which requires “a lot of effort, but you see the results”, notes Raúl, while Pep Lluís adds: “The level is very high, even when we are going to train the Dunes Of Maspalomas, because the sand makes it cost more to move you”.

On the other hand, Jaume is satisfied with the advances he has experienced, as well as “all the friends I have made, who are from all over the world”. And the González brothers, who stay the five weeks, underline what has brought them on a personal level, as Javier has overcome the transition to the big basket and Núria has been able to compete with the other girls who have signed up this time.