Huelva (Spain), hosts from 3rd to 7th January, the U14 and U16 Spanish Championship (male and female) of regional selections.


In this matter, four are the representatives of the Canarias Basketball Academy that are part of the Canary team. The players Andrés Andrade and Jiankang Li will defend the U16 T-shirt regional, like as Dai Hao with the U14 selection, leaded by Samuel Sosa.

The U14 Canary selection will play in Group A, being the first game this Sunday at 11.00 against Aragón at the Pabellón Nuevo Frontón of Palos de la Frontera. Meanwhile, the U16 will start against Aragón too (Group A), but at 16.30 at the Complejo Hernández Albarracín of Punta Umbría.