Oakley College playground was the place where our CBA School young players had a beautiful morning last Saturday 29th during our 7th Liga Generación 2014 Zona Centro CBA Games. Kids from all our schools (Oakley College, CEIP Profesor Rafael Gómez Santos, American School of Las Palmas, British School of Gran Canaria, CEIP César Manrique, CEIP La Cerruda, CEIP Buenavista 1, CEIP El Cardón and CEIP Tamarán) came to this special occassion to have fun in Tafira.


More than 50 kids and 100 players enjoyed six games for one hour and a half. In the end, there was a photo, everybody posed for it and our First National players signed autographs.

oakley cba school 01

The next games are going to be held at American School of Las Palmas on the 26th of April.