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Welcome to The Canarias Basketball Academy, the most comprehensive approach to training that basketball has ever seen. The goal at The CBA is simple: to develop the best basketball players in the world, at all levels.

Our system focuses on providing each individual with the basketball skills necessary to excel, the physical capabilities to perform these skills at an elite level, the nutritional knowledge to maximize the execution of the skills, and the mental approach to be able to perform at this elite level every day. Our program emphasizes the importance of “living like a pro” in order to maximize results on the court.

Whatever your aspirations may be, CBA will provide you with the opportunity to maximize your abilities both on and off the court. Programs run year round and offer full-time and short-time boarding that focus on player development. Each program will produce exceptional improvement in both physical performance and in your understanding of the game.

Each student/athlete arrives here with particular strengths and goals. Our staffs aim is to compliment and develop each player according to those assets best enabling him to prepare for a successful future.

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CBA provides expert training in the following areas:

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  • Off court basketball training
  • Position specific skills training
  • Individual / team strategy
  • Basketball specific physical conditioning
  • Nutrition
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The Basketball training incorporates not only skills “development”, but also skills “execution” in a competitive environment on a consistent basis. The program is designed for players to perform and execute a high level of technique while demonstrating a thorough understanding of the game. We will break the game down to its finest details and begin to “build players” who are able to set goals, visualize goals, and attain goals.

The integration of all these components allows each player to realize his fullest potential. We produce highly skilled, disciplined, and dynamic players and individuals who are an asset to any team regardless of the system or style of play. Step into our basketball world and experience the game at its highest level.