Canarias Basketball Academy’s team got the eighth win of the season vs a well known team, Lucentum Alicante, third in the standings in Adecco Plata.

The contenders were very equal during the entire game though the visiting Alicante led the scoreboard in the majority of the minutes and until the last plays the result could not be decided. Then the local shots from the perimeter were decisive.

Pointguard Berni Hernández was a doubt for Pepe Carrión before this encounter but not only he played almost 25 minutes, but also started along with Roberto Guerra, Kaleb Wright, Jacobo Díaz and Norbert Janicek, whereas the visiting team chose Adrián Fuentes, José Luis González, Alejandro Navajas, Joan Pardina and Grancanarian Samuel Domínguez.

In the first quarter Canarias Basketball Academy won the tip-off and Jacobo Díaz made the first local basket to reach minute 10 with 12-11. In the second quarter, however, it was Alicante who took the lead (11-14) with a tight advantage at halftime (23-25) and with Alejandro Navajas as the top scorer with 8 points and 2/3 3P).

The third quarter followed the same path but CBA Gran Canaria tied the game 32-32 with 13 minutes left. Finally, Alicante maintained the distance (36-40).

Kaleb Wright had not shooted until the last quarter from the three-point line, but soon achieved 9 points from downtown and the spectators in Centro Insular de Deportes applauded every basket. Roberto Guerra, for his part, got the same amount of threes then.
With 3 minutes left there was another tie (53-53), situation that was repeated in the last minute with 59-59. Nevertheless, CBA Gran Canaria knew how to play its cards in a better way and won 62-59, despite the fact the last ball was for Lucentum that could not score in 2 seconds.

Kaleb Wright was the top player with 19 ranking points (he score 18, added 6 rebounds and dished 3 assists), followed by Kostya Kulikov (12) and Roberto Guerra (11).