The Canarias Basketball Academy travels this Saturday to Bilbao, where -from April 30th to May 6th- will play the U18 Spanish Championship for men’s . The Basque Country will bring together the 32 best teams in the country, that will fight to win the national title that the FC Barcelona owns currently. 


Among the members of CBA is Mexican international Diego Willis, who has participated in this event every season he has played for the Academy: “Without doubt, being able to play three straight Spanish championships with CBA is a luxury that not everybody can have”, he says, while he adds: “It was amazing being fifth the last year, especially because the first four teams were ACB Youth teams”.


Concerning the next commitment, he warns: “We play in a very strong group, our rivals are the champions of Galicia, Asturias and Castilla La Mancha, so they are not used to losing”. Therefore, he believes that “we must go game by game, but with the pressure of not being able to fail, since only one of the four qualifies for the next round”.


In this matter, the Mexican departs to Bilbao with the hopes of having a good championship, knowing that it will serve as exposure to top pro clubs. Although he has offers from different important clubs in Europe, because of the excellent year he has had especially in the Adidas Next Generation Tournament in Kaunas, Lithuania. 


Finally, in reviewing his three years on the Island:  “Time has flown these 3 years. I have not stopped training, playing, traveling and studying; I have accumulated so much experience in the sport, but also personally”. “These are three years that I will never forget and that will be the keys to my future”, remarks the ’9′ of the CBA.