1. Regarded as one of the premier figures in the basketball world in terms of skill and performance training, Orellana has developed the most complete and effective all-around basketball training method in the world. After spending fifteen years at the NCAA Division I coaching level and 3 years coaching internationally, Orellana has developed and prepared over 200 NCAA Division 1 players and 10 NBA players, most recently, the 30th pick in the 2006 NBA draft Joel Freeland.

2. The Canarias Basketball Academy (CBA) is increasing its number of players. Only two seasons ago we had 55, and nowadays we are training about 80 with seven licenced teams. More than 20 countries are represented in the CBA with players from 14 to 22 years old. They compete not only in the Spanish leagues from cadets to the fifth Spanish league, but also traditionally go to tournaments in Rhode Island (USA), Belgium and Holland. Moreover, CBA took part in the Euroleague Junior Tournament in 2012 in Kaunas and will repeat this season 2013-2014. And, did you know that we have gathered in only one season 25 players that have represented their national teams worldwide?.

3. 2 NBA Draft Picks in 8 years:

-         Joel Freeland 2006 1st round Portland Trailblazers.

-         Ryan Richards 2010 2nd round San Antonio Spurs.

4. CBA has sent more than 65 players with full schollarship to NCAA Division I in 6 years. For example, in 2010 CBA sent 9 players to colleges such as North Carolina State, Louisville, Rutgers, Maryland, Virginia Tech, Oklahoma State, Mississippi State, University of Portland, St. Bonaventure University, Duquesne University, Seton Hall University y Townson State. A great feat taking. We are the only ones in the world that have achieved that in 6 years.

5. More than 50 NCAA D1 universities will visit CBA during every course, the majority of them between September and October. 6 of them are usually from the ACC conference.

6. And our results go beyond since our prestige has got a 6’09 players of the Class of 2014 such as Khadeem Lattin, ranked in 21st position by ESPNU Terrific 25, to be, as far as we know, the only Top 25 High School players that ever come to a foreign country to train and develop his skills.

7. The Class of 2013, for example, has gained 15 players with 6’07 or taller, fact that is usual here, because CBA has already trained one of the best five European centers born in 1993, 7’03 Boris Bojanovsky. Furthermore, we have played with five of the best fifty European players born in 1994, according to Eurohopes (www.eurohopes.com/rankings/1994).