The Canarias Basketball Academy not only attracts players who want to improve physically and technically, but also coaches motivated to know other ways to work.

For he past 7 days, English coach Samuel Bell decided to visit CBA, with the intention of experiancing first hand the daily life of an international high performance training center. “The first thing I noticed is the change of pace, because here you train more times in one day than many clubs at home do in a week”, Bell explains, adding: “The players work in such a professional manner, not only because of the dynamics of work, but also by the mentality and dedication to the process that they have installed in them here”.


Samuel Bell


The first time he heard of the CBA was through his friend Ryan Richards, ex CBA player who was drafted by the San Antonio Spurs. Bell decided to research the Internet, finding all the information he needed on the Official CBA Web page. There he made contact with staff at the Academy and then traveled to Gran Canaria, where he has stayed in the ‘CBA Residence’ and has been integrated into the technical staff from the outset.

 S. Bell

According to Bell, whose desire is to become a professional coach, this short experience has been “very positive; I have learned a lot and I am very satisfied, because I have been fascinated by the CBA method”. Without a doubt, the 26-year-old Englishman will try to put into practice everything absorbed on his return to Canterbury.