Second preseason game in Tenerife and new win for Canarias Basketball Academy vs CB Tacoronte from 1st Autonómica (57 a 76).

Canarias Basketball Academy

The game began with our team showing a great defensive intensity, something that allowed us to run and lead the scoreboard in the end of the first period (15-16).

CB Tacoronte, thanks to Fran Aledo and Imo González, did not decrease the concentration and struggled in the paint against our grancanarian defense, without result at halftime (33-41).

After that moment, CBA got harder punishing its rival close to the rim by Kulikov, Dieng and Ramstedt, and with Butler’s fastbreaks there was no surprise until minute 30 (50-58) and there was a 57-76 in the end.

Ramstedt stood out with 14 points Kulikov added 10. The González’s pair pushed the local team with 20 and 14 puntos.

Pepe Carrión’s players will face Club Náutico from EBA League this Sunday and that will be the last game before the debut on the 4th of October at Centro Insular de Deportes at 6 pm.


57 – TACORONTE: González, I. (20), Gutiérrez (5), Aledo (10), González, A. (14), and Alonso (3) –STARTING LINEUP- Camacho (3), Sánchez (2), Torres (-), Vilchez (-) and Delgado (-).

76 – CBA: Butler (12), Gómez (7), Kulikov (10), Díaz (4) and Ramstedt (14) -STARTING LINEUP- Drammeh (-), Liem (3), Martín (3), Thiam (2), Van Bree (6), Janicek (8) and Dieng (7).

BOXSCORE: 15-16; 18-25 (33-41); 17-17 (50-58); 7-18 (57-76)

OFFICIALS: Molina, J. and Hernández, Y.

ARENA STATS: Preseason game played at Pabellón Club Náutico in front of 100 people.