The most important moment of the season is here, because the Canarias Basketball Academy will travel to Guadalajara, where is going to be celebrated the U18 Spanish National Championship from Sunday.


Sergio Salesa´s players have been placed in Group D and this is the Schedule of the Group Stage´s Tournament:

1st of May

CBA – Glual Hydraulics ISB Azpeitia at 4pm in D.S María´s Arena

2nd of May

CBA – Torrons Vicens L´Hospitalet at 4pm in Multiusos Aguas Vivas´s Arena

3rd of May

CBA – Baloncesto Sevilla at 4pm in Multiusos Aguas Vivas´s Arena


“We want to test our potential in this Tournament and finish the season with the best result. We are trying to make a great performance in Guadalajara with humility and hard work every game”, said Sergio Salesa.