Thanks to the collaboration agreement that the Canarias Basketball Academy signed several years ago with the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, many students of the Degree in Physiotherapy have passed through the Academy to carry out their professional practices.

On this occasion, the lead physical therapist of CBA, Marcos Castro, has received six new students with whom he will work along side for the next seven weeks. Three of them (Ivan Herrera, Enrique Sánchez and Aura Henríquez) will partake in morning clinics, whilst Ricardo Martín, Juan Muñoz and Paqui Rodríguez have opted for the afternoon.

 Alumnos de fisio

The six students of the ULPGC are satisfied with the approach of their practices: “What we like most is that we have a lot of autonomy, but we always count on Marcos’ supervision”, adding: “It supports our judgment, or decisión when it comes to examining a patient”. 

Without doubt, everyone believes that thisplacement is going to be extremely  useful benificial , because “we not only have the opportunity to treat players, but also the option to see them after training, thus valuing our work in a global way”.

They also recognize that the cultural wealth that reigns at CBA, where athletes from all over the world gather, is another element to take into account when choosing CBA as a practice center, a place where they would love to “work when we complete our studies”.