U16 teams from CBA, CB Gran Canaria, Canterbury y Soles Mexicali (Mexico) are going to play an International U16 Tournament, in parallel way to the beginning of FIBA World Championships, in Heidelberg School from the 29th of August to the 1st of September.

Samuel Sosa’s players are going to face the mexican team in the first game of the Tournament (29 of August), at 5 pm. Right after at 7 pm CB Gran Canaria vs Canterbury is going to be the second game of the day.

On Saturday 30th from 10 am the mexicans are going to test CB Gran Canaria and in the evening at 9 pm, CBA is going to challenge Canterbury.

In the third day, our U16 team is going to play vs Gran Canaria at 10, whereas Soles Mexicali and Canterbury are goint to meet on the court at 9 pm.

The winner of the Tournament will be decided on Monday (the Finals at noon), as well as the game for the third and fourth places (at 10 am). After the end of the competition, there will be the act of closure at 2 pm.