Canarias Basketball Academy is going to play tonight the first preseason game to get ready for its debut in the third Spanish league, Adecco Plata.
Firstly, Pepe Carrión’s team is going to visit San José Sports Hall in Guadalajara tonight at 9 pm to face CEBA, a team against which we are going to play in the regular season, in particular in the last game of each round.
In addition, the grancanarian team is going to challenge Real Madrid EBA next Thursday at 7:30 pm at Valle de las Cañas Sports Hall in Pozuelo de Alarcón. And finally, on Friday there is going to be the last game of the tour at 8:30 pm against Baloncesto Fuenlabrada from Adecco Plata at Fernando Martín Sports Hall.
Our CBA coach thinks that “this trip is going to help us to put ourselves inside the cate

gory. We are new and it is going to be good to have a reference before the beginning of the competition”.