The Director at Canarias Basketball Academy, Rob Orellana, has confirmed this morning the signing of another player for the Adecco Plata team: the American power-forward Tevin Calhoum (1.99 m.). He comes from Troy University where he averaged 10.5 points and 4.1 rebounds in 31 games.

“Calhoum is a young player, recent graduate at the University, that comes with good energy and looks forward to opening his way in the European basketball”, Orellana explained. At the same time he underlined that “he has all the characteristics that we are searching at CBA in terms of sacrifice and commitment, and furthermore he has been recommended by his college coach, with whom I have a great friendship”.

Tevin Calhoum junto a su entrenador, Pepe Carrión

After some days in Gran Canaria, Calhoum says he is “excited to be in Spain and in the Academy; I am looking forward to learning Spanish to have a better communication with my teammates and I want to work very hard to get the staff and Rob Orellana’s trust. Rob seems to be a very honest person and he could help me a lot in the future”.

About his signing for an Adecco Plata team in the third Spanish league, Calhoum has stated that he hopes “great things this year with ambition to win”. “I have some references of the league and I watched some games”, he added.

His coach, Pepe Carrión, has described him as a “very fast player that could help us in the ‘four’ position. “Tevin has quickly got used to the team’s dynamic and his wish is to grow as a player”, Carrión finished.