Homework done! CBA First National became mathematically first of the regular season after beating Conejeros by 65-50.


There are two games left for our senior team (Agüimes on the 23rd and Tacoronte on the 30th) and the F4 will be organized from the 4th to the 6th of April in a place yet to be determined though CBA has the right to ask for the venue because of our first place. Let’s keep on working hard!

CBA FIRST NATIONAL 65 (15-19-17-14)

Simon 6, Chrystal 7, Daniel He 6, Boy 7, David 1, Jan 12, Carlos 10, Vlady 10, Kulikov 4, King 4 and Nugo 0.

CONEJEROS 50 (17-5-12-16)