Only four games left for the end of the regular season and our CBA SENIOR First National is first with two wins ahead after beating La Matanza on Saturday 15th (73-53) and Aridane on Sunday 16th (73-60).

la matanza


On Saturday Simon Krajkovic (25), Boy van Vliet (12) and Vladimir Brodziansky (19) were the top scorers and on Sunday Boy van Vilet (10), Vladimir Brondziansky (15) and Carlos García (15) had their protagonism. Congrutulations and keep on working hard!

CBA has 10-2 and our next opponent is Náutico (9-4) next Sunday at 11 in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. A win could mean the mathematical qualification for the F4 on 4-6 April.

CANARIAS BASKETBALL ACADEMY (CBA) 73 (16+22+19+16) - CB LA MATANZA 53 (20+12+12+9)

CANARIAS BASKETBALL ACADEMY (CBA) 73 (12+14+21+26) - CB ARIDANE 60 (10+9+21+20)