With the conclusion of the sports season, the Canarias Basketball Academy took the opportunity to organize a special activity for its players. Divided into two groups, players of the Academy visited the Elder Museum of Science and Technology, an institution dedicated to scientific dissemination since 1999.


The day was very productive, as the players were able to visualise in a tangible format of various scientific concepts learned in school. As expected, for the Elder’s museum is reknowned for its abillity to communicate science clearly, allowing for strong participation and enjoyable for all audiences.


The monitors Raiza Sánchez and Cristina Negrín were in charge of guiding the players through the various facets of the museum, as well as explaining characteristics of each simulator (e.g. the Cromakey, supersonic plane, robocoaster, gyrospace, planetarium…). These simulators modelled physics and mathematical concepts, in addition to an array of both old and new technology, which provides insight innto the evolution of technology. In short, the afternoon was both diadatic and enjoyable for all the players.