The CBA was founded in 2007 with a clear international vocation; not in vain, people from more than 35 different countries that live at the residence in Tafira Alta testify it. However, it is also a project deeply rooted in its land, because not only it encompasses Gran Canaria, but the whole lucky islands.

Since its fundation, has been a huge amount of Canary players at the CBA, highlighting the ones from non-capital islands. In this matter, three are the players who, nowadays, defend the T-shirt from the Academy at the LCJ (U16 Canary League): Javier Valeiras Creus (La Gomera), Joshua Tomaic (Lanzarote) and Serigne Lamine Bara Ndiaye (Fuerteventura).

rotativo no capitalinos

In the first case, Valeiras, who has the honor of having been convoced for the Canary and the Spanish selections (Íscar Tournament), he has been recognized twice publicly: as one of the “best athletes of San Sebastián de la Gomera”, and the other for “his brilliant career in basketball”, something that the Education, Culture, Sports and Youth councilor from La Gomera’s capital, Libertad Ramos also countersignes: “He is one of the best athletes of San Sebastián and of La Gomera. His evolution has been awesome; he has sacrified his friendships and more other things for being focus and studying, with the aim of improving at basketball. And, fortunately, the results are there”.

Javi Valeiras

Nevertheless, Ramos is proud that Javier has been in the CBA for three seasons, because “it is a quite good project, due to it demands players to combine their studies and the trainings, getting them used to live like professionals. Having a center like this in the islands is quite positive, especially when the players from other islands, but from the same region, can take advantage of this”.

On the other hand, Joshua Tomaic is miss in Lanzarote who, since he started playing at the CD Magec Tías, has not stopped of growing as a player, like the club president, Leocadio Pérez says: “Joshua is a noble boy, who always is paying attention to all the corrections that he received, for trying to improve, because he is in love with the game of basketball. The truth is that seeing him now playing with the Academy, with the physical and technical evolution he has had, makes all of us proud”.

Joshua Tomaic

Tomaic has not only represented Canary at the Spanish Championship of autonomic selections, he has also defended the Spanish T-shirt in international tournaments. “When I was called by the Canary Federation, I felt very lucky and happy, although with the Spanish selection was much more emotional, because you know how difficult is to reach there and that every Spanish player would love to be in your skin”, recognize the power forward from Lanzarote.

For all of this, Pérez considers that, according to his trajectory and his projections, the CBA is the best place for him to finish his formation: “It is a very good option and, in these last years, they have been having a lot of Canary players and from the minor islands, I think it is a great project for the evolution of these players”.

And, finally, Serigne Lamine Bara Ndiaye completes this trio (also recruited for the Canary selection) who, when he was 12, started his career as basketball player in the Sport Association “Los Toscones”, where his tutor Juan Guerra, secretary and coach of this entity, soon noticed his potential: “In Fuerteventura was always a highlighted player for his physic, speed and coordination; he is very complete, with abilities to score, penetrate, rebound and defend…”, at the time that he added: “He is a reference in our club, an example for every player we have here, who follow him and are very interesting on his trajectory”.

Serigne Lamine Bara Ndiaye

On this matter, Guerra was also the responsible that Serigne ended up at the high performance center in Gran Canaria to continue his formation: “I always told him that the way he trains at the CBA he is not going to train in any other club; now it is difficult because he has to sacrifice a lof of things, but it is going to help him to be in the best condition for being professional in the future”, while he predicts: “I do not know how high is his ceiling , but I think he will really go far… Without any doubt, he has improved a lot at the CBA”.