Centro Insular de Deportes is going to be dressed to the nines this Saturday 4th of October at 6 pm to host CBA’s first game. Moreover this ocassion is going to be very special as Canarias Basketball Academy will always remember this date as the day of its debut in a professional category, specifically the LEB Plata.

Cartel 1er partido

Pepe Carrión’s players are ready for this first game after playing six preseason games with a 50% of wins. In that sense, the coach from Seville affirms that “the preseason has been a little bit atypical because of the characteristcs of our Academy, as the games and practices have not been with a definitive team, but we have been testing every player in the Academy to check if we could use them in the future”.

“I think that this has been a process of elimination in which in the end we are going to get our twelve most regular players during the season, not only in the games but also in the practices”, adds at the time that comments: “As far as we can, we have tried to take as much advantage as posible of these preseason days”.

Carrión has his nine permanent players, and Xabi Gómez and Pablo Martín’s calls. Regarding the twelfth place he still has a doubt that is going to resolved in the next hours.

Araberri, for his part, has one off player, Ales Arcelus, because of knee pain, and Rinalds Malmonis’ performance is going to be unknown up to game time, as he has a shoulder dislocation.

The opponent, coached by Iurgi Caminos, has deeply renewed his team with nine new players. Moreover, the Basque coach regrets the injuries before the game since that fact “has not let us work with all the forces”. “We face this game with excitement, but maybe we are short on practices”, admits.

In any case, Caminos emphasizes that “we are a hungry team; we have a group of players willing to get a position in the league and work for it”.

Pepe Carrión totally agrees with his counterpart, as he thinks that Araberri “is going to be an unpredictable team and that is going to get better as the season goes on, just like us because there is too much new people and we need time to adjust”.

Lastly, the called officials for this first game (with a free access are Raúl Zamorano and Xavier Lanza.