CBA Gran Canaria is going to travel this weekend to Alicante where this Sunday at 11:30 (insular time) is going to play vs Lucentum in the well known Centro de Tecnificación de Alicante in the seventh game in Liga Adecco Plata.

These teams have opposite balances as the Grancanarian players have not achieved any triumphs whereas the locals have not lost yet and are the coleaders in second position, right after Sammic ISB.

The team coached by Pepe Carrión is going to Alicante with some news. In this last week Czech power forward Jaroslav Tyrna and English shooting guard Tom Ward parted ways with CBA and there were two new signings: the grancanarian pointguard Diego Quintana and the American guard Kaleb Wright. Nevertheless, Kaleb Wright is not sure to play because of bureaucratic problems.

Regarding the changes on the roster, maybe it is a little bit soon to give a clear opinion. We have signed a new pointguard and a shooting guard, and before this there was a shooting guard and a power forward”, Carrión explains and adds: “We are going to give them some time, but our style of playing will surely change, both in defense and offense”.

About the opponent, the Sevillian coach thinks that “their results are evident”.  “It is a team that, in contrast to Amics Castelló, bases on defense its good position in the standings. Nowadays it has the best defense of the League; and has very experienced centers and the control of the game from the playmaker position”, Carrión points out.

Finally, the designated officials for this game are Susana Gómez y José Ramón Martínez.