27th game in Adecco Plata and CBA Gran Canaria must travel to Catalonia where this Saturday at 6 pm (insular time) it is going to challenge Club Bàsquet Tarragona at ‘Pavelló Municipal El Serrallo’.

This team coached by Berni Álvarez assured surviving relegation last weekend after beating Marín Peixegalego on the road (75-76) in a game where four of its players exceeded 10 ranking points: Antonio Hester (20), Marc Giménez (17), David Fernández (16) and Daniel Martínez (13).

Jacobo Díaz machaca vs CB Tarragona

Photo: José Juan Martín Domínguez

With that aim satisfied, the hosts have another goal ahead as they still have options to qualify for the playoffs, a gift for them.

CBT is the tenth in the standings right now with 11 wins and 13 loses and a four win run. The first CBA team, for its part, is the 12th (9/15) and it lost to Opetanch Bàsquet Pla (68-73) at CID in its last encounter in spite of Kaleb Wright’s 24 ranking points.

The precedent of this match-up was on the 12th game in which Pepe Carrión’s squad added its third victory in a row after beginning the season with 0-8. Then the score was 70 – 66 and Kaleb Wright (21 points, 6 rebounds and 25 ranking points) and Roberto Guerra (14 points, 10 rebounds and 20 ranking points) were the most outstanding player in the local team, whereas David Fernández shone in the visiting group (16).

Wright vs CBT

Photo: José Juan Martín Domínguez

CBA Gran Canaria’s coach, Pepe Carrión, thinks that their opponent “has a lot of rhythm, likes to run and defends 1on1 really well”, and adds that “they have a winning streak after changing some players to escape from the relegation places”.

Finally, the officials that are going to call this encounter are Rafael Bey Silva and Gorka García Balzategui.