The first Canarias Basketball Academy team is going to travel to Islas Baleares in the eleventh game in Adecco Plata to play this Sunday at 4 pm (insular time) vs Opentach Basquet Plá at Pabellón Plá de Na Tesa.

Pepe Carrión’s players are going to face this encounter with the purpose of winning again as it happened last week when CBA Gran Canaria clearly beat FC Barcelona (75-58) whereas Geramipoor was the best in ranking points (32) after getting 26 points and 9 rebounds.

Aaron Geramipoor

Foto: José Juan Martín Domínguez

In that sense, the CBA coach reveals that “this week has been a little bit strange because our young players need to control both the sport and the emotion terms”. “We have had some practices in which we had to be on the players so that they did not lose the focus after winning the first game. We did not want any decrease of their performance. Definitely, this has been a week to fight against that trend to keep an important level of practice”, he adds.

About his next rival, Carrión thinks that “it is the opposite team compared to us; very experienced, with important players like Riera o Ausina that are over 30 years old. We should also underline his center McKeither, a fast and explosive player. It is a much shorter team than ours and there will be a fight between his control of the game and our excitement and intensity”.

Opentach Basquet Plá is the 12th in the standing with a similar record to CBA Gran Canaria (1-9) but they have not rested any weekend yet. In its last game they lost to Marín Peixegalego 87 – 79. Then, McKeither shone with 21 ranking points (26 points and 7 rebounds).

Finally, the officials are going to be Antonio Zamora and Raúl Zamorano.