First trip of the season for CBA Gran Canaria, which visits Pontevedra to challenge Marín Peixegalego this Saturday at 6:30 pm (insular time).

Pepe Carrión durante un tiempo muerto

The grancanarian team gets to this appointment ocuppying the tenth position in the standings, after losing by 6 (47-53) in its debut vs Sáenz Horeca Araberri. The most outstanding player in the beginning of the course at CID was the center Aaron Geramipoor as he added 15 ranking points (11 points and 12 rebounds).

The Galician players, for their part, are right behind in the standings (11th place) after being beaten on the road vs Sammic ISB (83-76) in spite of Garfield Blair’s performance (21 points and 20 ranking points) and Ike Azotam’s (22 points and 18 ranking points).

The coach at Canarias Basketball Academy, Pepe Carrión, recognizes that this week “there has been a little bit of anxiety, in the sense that the young players do not know that this is a long-term competition and what happened last Saturday has nothing to do with what it is coming next”.

Regarding the rival of the second game, Carrión thinks that “Marín’s best is that counts on a solid base that has played many years together; they have maintained an American and have signed another one”. “It is an athletic team, so they play fast and have physical power”, adds.

Moreover, the coach from Seville considers that “the atmosphere that has been created at A Raña Sports Hall may have some influence, but this is something against which we have to coexist, because if we want to compete, we know that we have to do it on the road and at home”.

Finally, Carrión left the list of players open up to the last moment as he reminds that “in CBA we have young players who, in case of need, are there to give us their hand. Whoever is or gets injured, we have to go on with our work philosophy, scheduled for the long term, to keep on training players so that they have more protagonism little by little”.