Canarias Basketball Academy first team could only fight some minutes vs the leader and recent winner of the Adecco Plata’s Cup, Amics Castelló, in the 21st game of the competition and the scoreboard reflected a 97 – 50.


To start, Pepe Carrión had to alter his starting lineup because of the absence of his two pointguards: Berni Hernández y Diego Quintana. Consequently Jessey Voorn, Roberto Guerra, Kaleb Wright, Jacobo Díaz and Norbert Janicek started whereas Amics chose Juan Cabot, Alejandro Bortolussi, Manuel Rodríguez, Víctor Hidalgo and Carles Marzo.

The first quarter was the only one in which the visiting players could compete (25-22). From then on, Amics was unrivalled on the court without giving options to CBA Gran Canaria. That is why at halftime CBA Gran Canaria was losing 53-32.

In the third quarter, the same story. The host confirmed why it is the leader and main favourite to promote to Adecco Oro, letting only 8 points to CBA Gran Canaria (31-8).

In the last minutes, however, Amics got relaxed but even won that period (13-10). Finally, the score was 97 – 50.

According to Sevillian coach Pepe Carrión, “the game has been as expected. The first quarter made us have some excitement for our future. It is very difficult to play without Bernardo (Hernández), the unique experienced pointguard we have, but from the second quarter as they start rotating, they could maintain the level and every time we had a mistake in offense, they punished us with a fastbreak. They were stronger in the pain and we could not stop them. We are going to use this game and those that are not from our league to try to improve as much as possible to reach the ones that are more important in our best condition to stay in the league ad not be relegated”.


Finally, the Academy’s most efficient players were the centers Kostya Kulikov (7 points and 4 rebounds) and Norbert Janicek (8 points and 5 rebounds).