CBA Gran Canaria’s ninth victory could not be posible vs the team from Ávila at CID (51-66) in a game that was decided in the beginning of the last quarter.

Berni Hernández

Pepe Carrión started the game with Berni Hernández, Kaleb Wright, Roberto Guerra, Jacobo Díaz and Norbert Janicek whereas David Mangas chose Sergio Rodríguez, Michael Ryan, Alejandro Marín, Dane Jonson and Juan Ballesta.

Ávila was very intense under the rim in the beginning of the game with its forwards and that is why it led the scoreboard (6-14, minute 6). CBA Gran Canaria needed a player to change the dynamic and Kaleb Wright appeared with 4 points in a row to reduce the distance (10-14, minute 8). Ávila did not score the perimeter shots and the Grancanarian team took advantage of that (12-17, minute 9). American CBA guard Kaleb Wright was the best scorer in the end of the first quarter with 6 points (12-19 overall).

Diego Quintana’s electric plays helped CBA Gran Canaria with a three-pointer and back assist for Konstantin Kulikov (17-21, minute 12). Nevertheless, Ávila was not torn apart and after Johnson’s hook and additional, his team got the biggest advantage (17-26, minute 13). But CBA improved and David Mangas did not see his team well enough after two Jacobo’s Díaz jumpshots and he called a time out (21-26, minute 16). CBA Gran Canaria needed to score actions that were close to be made and precisely that happened in the following set offenses with a Jessey Voorm’s three-pointer and a Kaleb’s Wright shot (28-31) which obliged Mangas stop the game again. At halftime, Ávila’s power-forward Michael Ryan and CBA’s Kaleb Wright were the top scorers with 10 points a piece (28-33).

Roberto Guerra

The third quarter began with extra thrill and Ávila beat first (32-41, minute 24). For CBA it was not easy to score against the box and one defense and the bonus fouls hurt as well with five minutes remaining in this period. The solution from the bench was Roberto Guerra attacking the opponent power-forward and CBA Gran Canaria got close again (39-43), so Ávila needed to rebuild itself with a called time out. It suceded with a three-pointer by Lindstrom and a fastbreak that increased its advantage (40-50). Despite the fact that Ávila had outrebounded CBA (19-33) and the visiting 3P percentage (3-24), CBA still had some chances in that moment.

However, Ávila finally made two more three-ponters right after the beginning of the last quarter and achieved a definitive margin (42-58, minute 34) that could not be answered by CBA Gran Canaria (51-66). Kaleb Wright was the most outstanding CBA player (11 points) and opponent Michael Ryan led the game in scoring with 15 points.