It could not be. CBA Gran Canaria had options to surprise Cáceres up to the last moment but finally gave in and the locals provisionally reached the top of the standings (59-54).

Nevertheless, Pepe Carrión’s prevented the Extremaduran team from exceeding 20.000 points in its history as they needed 83. “We have performed a great defense, stopping all their key players”, Canarias Basketball Academy coach, Pepe Carrión, stated.

At Multiusos ‘Ciudad de Cáceres’ the change in the Canarian starting line-up was Sergii Pryimark, who was accompanied Berni Hernández, Tom Ward, Roberto Guerra and Aaron Geramipoor. The rival, for its part, had confidence in José Antonio Marco, Brandom Sebirumbi, Añaterve Cruz, Carlos Toledo and Fernando Fernández.

In the first three quarters, the game was tied: 14-14, 13-13 and 12-12. However, in minute 35 the host team coach by Ñete Bohigas got a little advantage and after a three-pointer by Canarian Añaterve Cruz with two minutes left Cáceres reached a ten point difference that the Grancanarian team could reduce to 59 a 54.

The most ranked players of this fifth game in Adecco Plata were born in Gran Canaria as Añaterve Cruz finished with 21 ranking points (19 points and 6 rebounds), Berni Hernández with 18 (8 points, 6 rebounds and 7 assists) and Roberto Guerra with 17 (9 points, 8 rebounds and 4 assists).