It could not be possible. CBA Gran Canaria in Adecco Plata lost to Grupo Eulen Carrefour ‘El Bulevar’ after a hard fight until the end (75-71).

The visiting team’s starting lineup presented the new signing Kaleb Wright that made his debut in Adecco Plata, along with Berni Hernández, Roberto Guerra, Konstantin Kulinov and Aaron Geramipoor. Inthe other team Sergio Rodríguez, Ryan Duty, Alejandro Marín, Arturo Fernández and Dane Johnson were the chosen ones by David Mangas.

The game started with a local lead on the scoreboard (20-13, minute 10), but everything changed in the second quarter as Pepe Carrión’s players had a comeback and reached a short advantage at halftime (31-34).

After the main break, the team from Ávila controlled the game again with an important 30-20 run (61-54, minute 30). Althought, as it happened in the first half, CBA Gran Canaria won the following quarter (14-17), but the victory was for Grupo Eulen Carrefour ‘El Bulevar’ (75-71). Therefore, the local team got the fifth triumph of the season and the Grancanarian team has not won yet this season (0-8).

CBA Gran Canaria coach stated that “in the end, the result was hottersweet because of little details and mistakes, in addition to free throw misses and two calls by the officials that were detrimental to us. And above all they have dominated the offensive rebound during very important moments of the game that prevented us from having better leads. The feeling we have competed until the end and now we have to keep on working the same way”, Carrión added.

Furthermore, the most valuable CBA Gran Canaria players in ranking points were: Roberto Guerra (13 points, 3/4 3P, 4 rebounds and 15 ranking points) and the new player Kaleb Wright that had 20 points, 4 rebounds and 13 ranking points.

Finally, CBA Gran Canaria’s next encounter is going to be against Barcelona on December 6 at 9 pm at CID with free entrance as always.