The 24th game in Liga Adecco Plata is going to be held at Centro Insular de Deportes where Grupo Eulen Carrefour El Bulevar de Ávila and CBA Gran Canaria are going to face each other at 9 pm (not at 6pm as usual) with free entrance.
Jacobo Díaz, Berni Hernández y Kostya Kulikov
The locals rested last week, exactly the opposite that its rival did, as it beat Marín Peixegalego 79 – 72.
The most valuable Ávila’s player was Dane Johnson, that finished the game with 37 ranking points (17 points and 21 rebounds). The center from Jamaica is completing a great season and CBA Gran Canaria’s coach Pepe Carrión has studied his plays: “He is leading player for Ávila both offensively and defensively; that is why the key of the game is going to be stopping his paint game because Johnson is very physical, athletic and we do not have players that can compete 1vs1 against him”.
Moreover, the local coach thinks that the opponent is “a very irregular team” and adds that “we are excited to win in order to clarify that we are not going to be relegated, which is our main aim”.
Ávila, which is coached by David Mangas is the seventh in the standings with 12 wins and 10 defeats, the same result as Xuven Cambados (6th), Zornotza Saskibaloi Taldea (8th) y Martín Peixegalego (9th). CBA Gran Canaria, for its part, is the eleventh with the same wins as Club Basquet Tarragona (8-13).
The last Canarias Basketball Academy’s game was the important victory at CID where Carrión’s players defeated Lucentum Alicante (62-59).
Then, the most valuable men were Kaleb Wrigth (18), with three pointers in the last quarter that made the spectators enjoy; Kostya Kulikov (12); and Roberto Guerra (11).
Finally, Fernando Ruperez Vielba and Juan Alberto Pinela García are the designated officials that are going to referee this game.