Defeat for Canarias Basketball Academy vs Xuven Cambados by 11 points (60-71) at Centro Insular de Deportes  yesterday after two games on the road.

Pepe Carrión’s players had options to get the first win in the third Spanish League, but the opponent took advantage of CBA Gran Canaria’s lack of experience as it achieved its second triumph this season.

The fourth date in Adecco Plata began after a minute of silence in tribute of coach José Luis Abós, gesture repeated in all the courts of Spain.

Minuto de silencio en memoria de Abós

Berni Hernández came back to the team as well as Tom Ward, Roberto Guerra, Jaroslav Tyrna and Aaron Geramipoor. For the Galician part Placide Nakidjim, Juan Orellano, Charles Nkaloulou, Taylor García and Aksel Bolin started the game.

Berni Hdez. en banquillo local

In the first quarter there were bad shots for both teams and Xuven was always ahead (14-17). In the second quarter, CBA Gran Canaria stayed close but could not have a comeback (26-30).

After the break, the local team could win the third period (21-20), but the scoreboard still showed Xuven leading the situation (47-50). In the last minutes, the Galician players did not allow CBA Gran Canaria to gain the first good news this season, with a 60 – 71 in the end.

Aaron Geramipoor

Berni Hernández was the best local player (14 points, 4 rebounds and 3 assists), followed by Jaroslav Tyrna (7 points, 9 rebounds and 13 in ranking points). Xuven’s scoreboard was more distributed as Taylor García stood out with 12 points.

As an anecdote, coach Herbalife Gran Canaria, Aito García Reneses, watched the game in the stands and talked to both coaches after the game.

Aito en el CID