The first Canarias Basketball Academy team is going to rest this weekend because of the Adecco Plata Cup. In that sense, the Pabelló Ciutat de Castelló is going to be dressed for a ball this Saturday (at 6:30 pm, insular time) for the cup final: Amics Castelló and CEBA Guadalajara, which are the first and the fourth in the standings right now, respectively. This interesting encounter is going to be televised in the FEBTV live stream.


CBA Gran Canaria’s roster mostly thinks that the host is going to be the one that is going to lift the trophy, as only Norbert JanicekPablo Martín and Andrés Díaz trust that CEBA Guadalajara is going to repeat the win in they picked up in the final 3 years ago. “I think that Juárez’s is more balanced in the inside and outside game”, the Madrilenian pointguard explains.

Coach Pepe Carrión affirms that “in a game like this it is difficult to foresee who is going to win, but the local team has a lot of chances as they have the spectators’ support and a deeper bench”.

Captain Roberto Guerra, for his part, defends his bet by saying that “Amics is a very solid team and with a balanced way of playing”, though he underlined that “it is going to be a very equal game because Guadalajara is very competitive”.

Moreover, points out that “in this kind of games it is key to control the anxiety and the nervousness and play it as a normal game, something difficult”.

On the other hand, forwards Jacobo Díaz and Xabi Gómez differ on the idea that the home ground could be the difference. Díaz has clear that “these are two experienced teams that are going to know how to play with extra pressure”, whereas Gómez supports the theory which emphasizes “that feeling of home support is key in a competition like this”, as Diego Quintana who mentions that “knowing the baskets” is a plus.

Regarding the keys of this game, Pablo Martín alludes to “the three-pointer % because both teams have great shooters and Amics’s defense on CEBA’s inside players is going to decide the game”.

Jacobo Díaz stands out the three-point shot relevance because “this is going to make the defenses strech, creating spaces”; Xabi Gómez focuses the issue on “the control of the rebound and the high game level all the time” and Diego Quintana insists in “how each team arrives at the game with injuries, as well as how motivated they are”.

Finally, Roberto Guerra is convinced that this is going to be “a good game”, wishing “luck to both teams and I hope that the best team wins”.