Canarias Basketball Academy and Basketball club Apollo Amsterdam (BC Apollo) have launched a complete new development program for all youth members since August 2014. Therefore the club from Amsterdam will copy the development program of the famous Canarias Basketball Academy (CBA). The collaboration with Apollo Ámsterdam aims to benefit all members of the club with this proven successful development model.

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The new development structure in Amsterdam according to the CBA model is elaborated by Dutch CBA representative Roel van de Graaf. He believes in the success of the model. “Many Dutch kids have been successfully educated in our CBA model. This model will have success in Amsterdam also. It is a great collaboration. Amsterdam will get a top class youth development section. And CBA has the opportunity to settle itself in The Netherlands”, Van de Graaf affirms.

All members of BC Apollo will be part of the new design of the program. Besides the expansion of training facilities they receive the possibility to take part in the daily strength and conditioning program. All this under the supervision of professional trainers and coaches.

Over the last seven years the Canarias Basketball Academy has proven itself as the top youth development program outside of the United States. CBA is a huge supplier to American basketball. “One NBA draft pick, more than 55 NCAA Division 1 players, other 40 NCAA Division 2 and Junior College players and a handful of professional players in Europe are impressive numbers for a program that only started in 2007”, according to Rob Orellana, founder of CBA.

The philosophy of development CBA is based on individual development of each player. CBA produces players that have the capacity to make decisions on the highest possible level, which will make any team better. Also the players are able to use their technical and mental capacities in combination with power, explosivity and speed to gain the maximum.

The goal of the new program is to put kids into a position where they have the opportunity to make choices with basketball to take the next step in their careers.

All practices take place in Apollo Gym in the south of Amsterdam, the home of the biggest clubteam of The Netherlands. The daily practices, led by numerous professional coaches, are executed on different baskets in small groups. All players have the opportunity to choose how many practices a week they want to be part of.

The new development program is not exclusively for BC Apollo members. Talent from the whole country has the possibility to be part of this and benefit of the CBA model. Even for international players the development program has options to live in Amsterdam.

The close collaboration with the professional team of BC Apollo offers players a great perspective. Players in the program are given the opportunity to develop in the Dutch Basketball League. At the same time the professional team has the possibility to use and develop Dutch and international talent from the development program.

“By adopting the CBA model we hope to help Amsterdam and Dutch basketball. Not one step ahead, but a couple of steps ahead,” says BC Apollo president Ramon Siljade. “We believe in development. A complete development program and a professional team on the highest level is a great opportunity for young players. The best talents will always have to opportunity to leave Amsterdam and even chase a bigger and better career in basketball, while playing for Dutch national teams. This success model is great for our players, future players at BC Apollo, great for the city of Amsterdam and the basketball community in The Netherlands”, finishes.