Both U14 Men and Women Canarian Team is going to practice in Valsequillo to keep on getting ready for the Regional Spanish Championships that are going to be organized in Zaragoza from the 2nd to the 5th of April.

Dai Hao con sus compañeros de selección

In that sense Dai Hao, one of the Canarias Basketball Academy Chinese tallents, has been included in the final list of players and this is the second call after practising in La Laguna (Tenerife) some weeks ago. In this ocassion, practices are going to be developed at  Pabellón Arnao de Telde.

Dai Hao

Along with Dai Hao the U14 squad is composed by four Canterbury players (Emilio Conde, Santiago Aldama, Carlos Marrero and Carlos Cazorla), four from Santo Domingo (Javier Ferrer, Iván Roters, Víctor Medina and Jorge J. Jordan), one from CB Gran Canaria (Gonzalo Iribarren), one from C.B. Heidelberg (Pedro López-SanVicente) and one more from CB Amuley (Pablo Jorge).

This team is going to be coached by Rafael Brisson whereas Ronald Gómez and Antonio Santana will assist him.

This is not the first time that Dai Hao is called up to another team as U14 Real Madrid previously required his tallent three times.