Ten Canarias Basketball Academy’s players enjoyed a totally different activity on Thursday afternoon as they went to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria dock where they were taught sailing skills by I.E.S. Felo Monzón’s pupils.


The tutor of this professional training is CBA Gran Canaria’s player and Spanish National Sailing Team physical trainer Diego Quintana who explained that this event has been beneficial for both parts, since not only it was useful for the basketball players to “escape from the routine”, but also his students practiced “with an inexperienced and foreign team that made them speak specific English”.


I.E.S. Felo Monzón’s pupils were challenged to expose the sailing fundamentals (wind and parts of the boat), the security and the use of the boat. Sailing is a sport at its peak in Canarias because of the fantastic weather conditions there are normally around the islands.


At the end of the day, all the players pointed out that this experience was “unique and incredible” and added that they got addicted to this sport as the minutes passed by.