Canarias Basketball Academy did not get its first win in the debut in the third Spanish league, Adecco Plata, vs Araberri (47-53).

Tyrna tira a canasta

Pepe Carrión lined up Berni Hernández, Tom Ward, Roberto Guerra, Aaron Geramipoor and Jaroslav Tyrna, whereas in Araberri Iurgi Caminos chose Marc Cuesta, Tadas Sedekerskis, Martín Buesa, Pablo Villarejo and Elijah Obade.

The first basket for CBA in Adecco Plata was by Tyrna in the first minute and showed that he was ready for the game. In the first plays the opponent had too many difficulties in front of a very good CBA defense and that is why the visiting coach called a time out with 6-2 in the minute 5. Both teams did not find the rim and there was equality in the first quarter with CBA always leading the game (9-6).

CBA stepped on the court with a good percentage in the second quarter with two three-pointers, one by Tevin Calhoum and another one by Tom Ward (15-6, minute 12) and the players from the bench increased the defensive level even more (19-10 after a basket by Roberto Guerra in the middle of the quarter). CBA then got advantages from 7 to 9 points allowing difficult shots to Araberri. Nevertheless, everything changed with three baskets under the rim by the visiting team and there was a 21-20 at halftime.

The first lead by Araberri came after 21 minutes (23-24) but Tevin Calhoum solved the situation adding 6 points in a row (27-24). A fastbreak finished by Tom Ward caused Caminos’s time out (35-29) because another CBA’s good lead could be dangerous for his interests. The great energy by the local team continued and consequently the advantage was 39-31 in minute 33, but again Araberri reacted and a basket by Villarejo set the 39-38 two minutes before the end of the third quarter. The game got worse for CBA after two offensive rebounds and a fastbreak by Araberri and in the minute 30 Araberri led the game (39-45). Our top scorer then was Tevin Calhoum with 11 points, whereas Yates accumulated 10 in the other team.

Despite the fact that CBA began the last round with great energy, a three pointer by Uriarte gave a 6 point lead back to the Basque team in the minute 33. The perimeter shots were missed and Villarejo’s basket meant a 42-51 for Araberri. Pepe Carrión’s players could not score open shots and Araberri managed a 10 point advantage (43-53) just before the local time out to try a comeback with 2:27 minutes left. Tom Ward had a fastbreak and with 27 seconds left there was still hope but the opponent kept the victory. The Academy’s debut in Adecco Plata could not be with a win in spite of the players’ effort and Marín Peixegalego is going to be the next rival next 11th of October at 7:30 pm.

Three CBA players accumulated more than 10 points: 11 for Tevin Calhoum and Aaron Geramipoor, and 10 for Tom Ward. On the visiting side both Evan Michael Yates and Elijah Obade reached 10 points.



CBA GRAN CANARIA: Hernández (2), Ward (10), Guerra (4), Tyrna (7) and Geramipoor (11) – STARTING LINEUP – Martín (0), Mensah (0), Ramsted (0) Gómez (0), Díaz (2), Dieng (0) and Calhoum (11).

ARABERRI: Cuesta (7), Sedekerskis (4), Buesa (5), Villarejo (7) and Obade (10) – STARTING LINEUP – Uriarte (5), Martínez (4), Malmanis (0), López (0), Yates (10) and Sastre (1).

BOXSCORE: 9-6; 12-14 (21-20); 18-25; 8-8 (47-53).

OFFICIALS: Zamorano Sánchez and Lanza Tortosa.

ARENA STATS: Game played at Centro Insular de Deportes with 500 spectators.