CB Tarragona faced the 27th game this Saturday with the tranquility of having assured surviving relegation and with the goal of being a playoff contender until the end.

Therefore, the Catalonian slogan during the week was “Volem seguir somiant” (“We want to keep on dreaming”). And they got its purpose after defeating a CBA Gran Canaria (89-73) with three important absences: center Norbert Janicek, due to an injury; Diego Quintana, because of labour reasons; and Roberto Guerra, who celebrated his 32th birthday making his debut as a father.

(De izq. a dcha. ) Pablo Martín, Xabi Gómez y Andrés Díaz

Photo: José Juan Martín Domínguez

At El Serrallo David Fernández, Benjamín Congiusta, Daniel Martínez, Óscar Ngomo and Ehimen Orukpe were the local starters whereas Pepe Carrión chose Berni Hernández, Jessey Voorn, Kaleb Wright, Jacobo Díaz and Kostya Kulikov.

From the tip-off, CB Tarragona controlled the game (12-6, min. 5), getting a 14 point margin in the end of the first quarter (32-18). Despite the visiting reaction in the second period (18-25), the hosts were still leading the scoreboard at halftime: 50-43.

The second half was a repetition  of the first one: CB Tarragona won both quarters (20-13 and 19-17) and the final score was 89-73.

CBA coach Pepe Carrión, considers that “though the stats may indicate that the difference has been caused by the 3P % (9% in our case and 52% for them), we had more problems with their inside game. We had to stop their inside game and that created many open shots. And if every time we play vs a team, the MVP of the week is an inside player, our problems begin there”. 

Anyway, the coach from Seville claims that he has “the feeling that the players gave everything they had because they fought in spite of the physical inferiority”. “We have never given in and we have been as decent as we could be”, underlines.


Photo: José Juan Martín Domínguez

Xabi Gómez was the most outstanding CBA Gran Canaria player (17), followed by Kaleb Wright (15), Jacobo Díaz (12) and Kostya Kulikov (10).

The next CBA encounter is going to be on the 11th of April at 6 pm vs the third in the standings: CEBA Guadalajara. At Centro Insular de Deportes there will be free entrance, as always.