CBA is back in the States!

A group of 17 players divided in two teams are going to take part into the well-known 2015 Spring Jam Fest in Manheim (Pennsylvania) promoted by the prestigious CBA’s sponsor, Under Armour, from the 10th to the 12th of April.

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One team called CBA White (CBA) is playing in Pool A along with Philly Freedom Stara and NY Panthers, and the other squad named CBA Black (CBA II) has been placed in Pool B with BC Eagles and Mountain Cats.

On Saturday 11th at 8:45 am (local time) CBA is facing Philly Freedom Stars and at 1:30 pm NY Panthers, whereas CBA II is having the first encounter at 10 am vs BC Eagles and at 2:45 vs Mountain Cats.

The winners of each pool are going to meet in the quarterfinals on the 12th at 8 am, and the semifinals are scheduled at 10:20 and the Finals at 12:45 pm. These are the lists of players:

CBA White (CBA)

3. Xavier Gómez Nápoles

7. Pablo Martín Rodríguez

9. Luuk Van Bree

10. Sergii Pryimak

11. Issa Thiam

12. Elhadji Deng

13. Konstantin Kulikov

14. Soufiane Mensah

15. Yankuba Sima


CBA Black (CBA II)

1. Tom De Hass

2. Tom Elliott Smith

4. Mark Laros

5. James Harvey

6. Joey Liem

16: Kosta Jankovic

17. Karl Junk

18. Boua


Let’s go, CBA!