CBA Gran Canaria is preparing its next trip to Extremadura where it is going to play this Saturday at 7 pm (insular time) vs Cáceres Patrimonio de la Humanidad in the fifth game in Liga Adecco Plata.


Grancanarian captain Berni Hernández is optimistic before the encounter, in spite of facing one of the best teams of the competition: “This is the typical game in which they are the favourite team and we go without any pressure, something that works in our favour”.

In that sense, he considers that in order to achieve the first victory “we must be more solid in every minute, because we have different phases during the games in which we have played really well and others in which we haven’t, so we need to minimize that a little bit to be more consistent and, above all, not have mistakes in the crucial moments of the game”.

That is precisely what he thinks about the last game in which CBA Gran Canaria lost at CID vs Xuven Cambados by 60 – 71: “This has been our best match-up. There has been an improvement in the team but we had the same situation as in the first home game when in the last quarter they had more experience, and that is why we lost the game, because they got a 5-6 points advantage and then we could not be patient to have a comeback”.

“I believe that we have to be positive because there has been an improvement in the team; the other day I consider that a lot of bench players added things, something that we previously missed and I think that we are moving up”, Hernández claims.

Individually, Canarias Basketball Academy player performed really well vs Cambados (14 points, 4 rebounds, 3 assists and 21 ranking points), after two weeks off. “I am excited and much better than what I expected; obviously, I did not play as many minutes as in the first encounter, detail that was beneficial for me, because I had a good individual game, but as we lost, it was not good enough for me”. “I am here to help the team anyhow”, he finishes.