Living the dream is the online blog of Alejandro González, a basketball player from Madrid who, after spending a season at the Canarias Basketball Academy (2014-2015), decided that he wanted to combine studies with sports in the United States. Currently, he is playing at Western New Mexico University, where he studies a double degree in Mathematics and Economics.


Alejandro´s final subject his last semester was to create his blog, a tool that many athletes have within their acadmeic guidence to assist in “highlighting all doubts about universities in the United States”, since he remarks that when he was in the same situation “I could not find something similar, because there was no one who was already here and who told firsthand their experiences on an American university campus for student athletes”.

After several months of writing the blog, Alejandro is extremley suprised with the number of hits he has received and truly beleives that the key to his success is none other than “to look for articles that clearly highlight specific student life that are clear and interesting, because that way people share them in social networks”. Furthermore, he says that “more and more athletes contact me to ask me things”, as well as “everyone congratulates me and thanks me”.


The picture Alejandro paints in his blog corresponds to the enthusiasm that is found within hi own experiances, since “my life here so far has reached all the expectations that I had before arriving”. “Without a doubt, it has been a dream come true”, he says.

And Gonzalez knows more than anyone how complicated it is to combine studies and sport in Spain: “I started in a university in Madrid last year and not only did I stop for the first time in my life, but I hardly had free time. Here, however, everything is different. I have many facilities and the athletes help us a lot. Last semester, I had an average of 3.8 in my GPA, which would be equivalent to more than 9 in Spain.”

Finally, he remembers “as if it were yesterday” that his time at CBA “It was a very gratifying experience, since leaving Real Madrid, my goal was to obtain a scholarship in the United States like many players who had been there before and with dedication and hard work i achieived my goal”. Moreover, he also truely beleives “that I matured as a Young man and my mental strength totally developed at the Academy”. “I stopped being a child”, he says, assuring that “living with people from all over the world and in the paradise of the Canaries made it a totally unique experience that i would always recomend”.

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