After the break because of the Copa Adecco Plata game in which Amics succeeded, the third best league in Spain comes back to Centro Insular de Deportes this Saturday at 6 pm (insular time) and there will be a free entrance.


CBA Gran Canaria is going to host one of the best teams: Cáceres Patrimonio de la Humanidad. Precisely, its place in the standings confirms that as it is the second with a 13-5 record this season.

“Cáceres is one of the teams that may not be of our league”, Carrión admits and explains: “It has two qualified players in each position and all of them are absolutely valuable for this league, for Adecco Oro and more than one even played in the ACB, consequently the difference is how they know the game”.

The coach from Seville considers that “the key of the game is that we stop their pick&roll sets as both Marco and Corrales play them really well to get advantages, not only for the inside players, but also for their shooters, who are great for this league”.

The game of the first half of the season ended with a Ñete Bohigas’s team win (59-54) at Pabellón Multiusos Ciudad de Cáceres last November in an encounter where CBA captains Berni Hernández and Roberto Guerra were the most outstanding players with 18 and 17 ranking points, respectively.

Both teams have reached this date after being defeated in the last game. Canarias BasketballAcademy could not bring back home a victory from Cambados (76-58) and the Extremaduran team lost to Marín at home (68-72).

Finally, the designated officials that are going to referee this game corresponding to the 20thgame in Liga Adecco Plata are José Luis López and Nicolás Murillo.