Canarias Basketball Academy has as another novelty from the beginning of this season regarding the services for its players. We are talking about the professionalization of the physiotherapy section, in which there has recently been an important investment, not only in staff terms but also in infrastructure, gear and treatments.


In that sense, in charge of this service there are two physiotherapy graduates by ULPGC (Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria): Jonatan Socorro, who continues at CBA from last season, and Abel Mena, who has joined the Academy this course to offer their full time treatments, since their assistance is for the whole Canarias Basketball Academy group of players.

On the other hand, in every Adecco Plata game CBA has Cruz Roja’s support and a doctor that looks after every player.

Regarding the most relevant novelties, Socorro and Mena underline the reconditioning of the new space where there is new electrostimulation gear and all the necessary material to check the evolution of the athletes.


Furthermore, they have introduced the specific proprioception practices that consist of improvement of  the players’ skills and abilities (stability, balance, explosive speed and injury prevention) by exercises that emulate the basketball practice.

Finally, CBA physiotherapists also control different aspects like the weight, height, wingspan, jump, fat % and the muscle mass rate. All these care so that the Academy’s players can perform at their best.