A powerful CEBA Guadalajara did not give options to CBA Gran Canaria at CID (50-63) but the Academy fought and showed its best. In addition, five U18 CBA players (Johhny Wang, Alejandro González, Álvaro Reyes, Jon Peña and Menno Dijkstra) had an opportunity during the game and the first three made their debut in Adecco Plata.

kaleb guadalajara

Pepe Carrión chose Berni Hernández, Roberto Guerra, Jacobo Díaz, Kaleb Wright and Menno Dijkstra whereas Javi Juárez decided to play Danny Akintunde, Maximiliano Solé, Eduardo Durán, Álvaro Frutos and LeBron James’s cousin James Duane.

The game did not start well for CBA Gran Canaria as CEBA Guadalajara got an important advantage (2-12, minute 3). Since then the local team struggled to get as close as possible but it was not easy (8-15, minute 7). The first quarter finished with a 10-20 that was not impossible to overcome by CBA Gran Canaria. For their part, Menno Dijkstra had 4 points and 5 rebounds for 8 ranking points in minute 10 and U17 Johnny Wang made his debut in a professional league.

In the second quarter the situation did not change and CEBA Guadalajara achieved a 18 point advantage (16-34, minute 17) that CBA Gran Canaria could reduce at halftime (22-35). The scoring aspect was quite distributed in the local team as Andrés Díaz, Roberto Guerra, Kaleb Wright and Menno Dijkstra gained 4 points and this last one was still the best in ranking points with 8 points.

After the main break, CEBA Guadalajara kept on increasing the distance (22-43) and CBA Gran Canaria could not find easy baskets to have a comeback until Roberto Guerra and Diego Quintana scored two three-pointers (34-48, minute 28). The third quarter finished with 34-50 and Roberto Guerra was the CBA scoring leader with 12 points.

In the last quarter, CBA fought for a better result but the opponent stopped every attempt. Before the end of the game, Alejandro González and Álvaro Reyes made their debut in Adecco Plata, and even Álvaro Reyes stole a ball and dunked in the rival’s rim. Finally, CEBA Guadalajara beat CBA Gran Canaria (50-63) with 14 points and 18 ranking points for Roberto Guerra whereas visiting Danny Akintude got 20 points and 32 ranking points.