The second in Liga Adecco Plata, Cáceres Patrimonio de la Humanidad, got an important distance in the first half (32-46) that was impossible to work  out by CBA Gran Canaria. Despite the fact, Pepe Carrión’s players had options up to the end (71-78).

Mate de Jacobo Díaz

Photo: José Juan Martín Domínguez

At Centro Insular de Deportes,  Berni Hernández, Roberto Guerra, Kaleb Wright, Jacobo Díaz and Kostya Kulikov were CBA’s starting line-up whereas  Cáceres Patrimonio de la Humanidad chose José Antonio Marco, Fernando Noval, Brandon Sebirumbi, Carlos Toledo and Añaterve Cruz.

From the first moment, Ñete Bohigas’ team set a difference with a fast and effective game in every position. Its pointguards imposed the rhythm, its perimeter players made the open shots and the centers performed in both rims. Like this, the scoreboard reflected 10-22 in the end of the first quarter.

The second period was more equal and ended 22-24 and therefore, 32-46 at halftime. Until then, Cáceres’ top scorer was Canarian Añaterve Cruz, with 17 points and local  Kaleb Wright was the best with 12.

After the break, CBA Gran Canaria was more focused and added four points in a row, but ex ACB José Antonio Marco replied with a three pointer for Cáceres. Again, equal quarter (18-17) and Extremaduran control: 50-63.

Ataque de Xabi Gómez

Photo: José Juan Martín Domínguez

In the last ten minutes the locals were close to have a comeback but it was impossible. This way the encounter finished 71-78, after a great last CBA’s quarter (21-14).

The most outstanding player were Añaterve Cruz and Kaleb Wright, with 22 and 21 ranking points, respectively.