The Academy counts around 30 nationalities every month (Spanish, Dutch, Chinese, British, French, Israeli, Senegalese, Georgian, Russian, Ukranian, Panamanian…) and every season the new players are well known in their respective countries because they have usually been called up to their national teams.

internacionales tono y diego

U16 Diego Willis on the left and Luis Antonio Álvarez on the right (Mexico)

That is why CBA has Dutch, Slovakian, Israeli, Spanish, Mexican… international players that have represented and will represent their own flag as CBA players in competitions such as European or American Championships, like Yankuba Sima who played with U18 Spain in the Manheim Tournament and in the European Championship in 2014.

internationales bjorn

Bjorn Rosman (Netherlands).

This is the list of the current 2014-2015 with 33 players that have ever practiced with or belonged to their national teams:


internationales jacobo

Jacobo Díaz (Spain).

How many of these players will repeat next summer? It is a question of time and hard work. Let’s go, CBA!


Aaron Gedeón (Panamá) is No. 6 below.